Introducing 2.0

Want to find the right loan with fairness, accuracy and speed?

Believe it or not, not everyone gets the best loan. Not everyone knows how to. That’s why at LoanOptions we have made it our mission to get you the best and MORE.

More Options. More You.

The Aussie Loan Market is ripe for change. Since inception, we have funded over $75 million in loans for our customers to date. We continue to disrupt and make our mark in the world of financial services, where if you’re not careful you could be taken for a ride… and not in a good way.

But first, let us tell you more about ourselves if you don’t already know us! 

Who We Are became Australia’s first AI-powered loan comparison platform. Founded 2 years ago by Julian Fayad who through his background of Financial Services and Technology, identified a need in the market to create a fair and transparent Loan Marketplace. It has been a long road to success but Julian’s vision to make applying for a loan easy, transparent and flexible has become reality. 

Without going too deep in the nuts and bolts, uses data-driven proprietary technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to pre-approve finance options with the most competitive lenders. Giving customers access to over 60+ banks and credit lenders we tailor to your individual circumstances. Best of all this happens in seconds! Whether you are looking for the best offers for car loans, personal loans, business loans or equipment loans - we can help. HQ is located in the heart of Rhodes, Sydney where our killer team of 40+ staff are constantly working to find the best financial outcome for everyday Aussies. 

We’ve Had A Makeover!

Now that you know us, what we really want to talk about is our brand new launch of 2.0! Everybody needs a makeover now and then and we’ve had a major one! Turning the loan market on its head has not been easy but we continue to drive change and through our rebrand we have stayed true to our mission, values and culture behind our business.

Our upgrade has brought to life a vision that is edgy, customer-centric  and most importantly, steers away from the typical “cookie cutter” appeal we often see in finance institutions.

With what started out as just a branded logo, we now bring to you a complete and immersive universe with relatable and charismatic features that will blow your minds!

Meet the Robot (Ailo) - Pronounced {Ay-Low}

Introducing our very own loan marketplace hero! Ailo will fight to get you more. More savings. More flexibility. More for you!

{insert image of Ailo}

Named after artificial intelligence and the initials of LoanOptions, Ailo serves as a pioneer, protector and investigator all in one, to help everyday borrowers search for finance faster and more accurately. The future of the loan marketplace is here!

The world of financial services can be a cold one. When you are searching for a loan you need a friend and why not a robot friend? Ailo tells you what you need to know and is unbiased. Ailo digs to investigate and find only solutions that work for your specific scenario. 

More Characters

We have other cool personalities for you to meet along the way too, from Sexy Dave (your everyday Aussie) to our industry villains including The Collosal, Seamus, Slick Joe, The Cheetah and more. 

{insert image of Sexy Dave/Villains}

CEO Julian Fayad, shares a special thank you to the digital marketing team at AiiMS Group for executing flawlessly on every aspect. 

“I am thrilled that for the first time, our business vision and purpose is clear to the market, thanks to AiiMS. They somehow managed to encapsulate the quirky, nerdy, and genuine good that our company wants to do in the loans market. It has been unanimously well received and I am excited to shift into the next stage of the business' growth.”

We hope you all are as excited as we are!

So Why

What sets us apart from others?

We Protect You. Our #1 goal is to make getting a loan easily accessible to everyone (yes, even those without a finance degree). 

This has never been done before! We want to remove the stigma around the lending process by providing 100% transparency into every loan product. No more hidden fees as they become uncovered by our robot friend and now yours, Ailo!

More information means smarter decisions. 

We’re Intelligent and Innovative. We aren’t afraid to bring advanced technology to a dinosaur industry. 

AI is making it easier for customers to access finance and we want to leverage its benefits as much as we can! We use raw data and analysis to form unbiased insights to match the right loan to your profile. This all happens in seconds, saving customers their valuable time and money. 

Why Not Join Us? Not Apply To Be A Sidekick?

If you are a business owner and are captivated by our innovative tech and system, we can help you seamlessly integrate this AI technology into your own website. We love to meet organisations like our own. Why not work with us? Yep, that’s right! You can become an Affiliate Partner (we like to call it our sidekick) in just a few simple steps.

Let’s Launch

The future of the loan marketplace is here. We cannot wait to see our new vision unfold and the many new people, businesses and partners we can help along the way. 

Here’s to new beginnings!

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