2021-2022 FY Summary

In what was our First Full Financial year (we launched in August 2020), I thought I would share a quick summary of LoanOptions.ai.

It's not intended to be a "vanity metrics" exercise, but rather an accountability and recognition exercise.

We overcame all the challenges in the market including the pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, rapidly rising interest rates in the asset finance space since November/December 2021, lender appetite changes, plummeting consumer confidence, closed borders, small businesses going into survival mode, natural disasters, a federal election and more.

I'm proud of our team, I am proud of how much money we saved our clients and I am proud to say that we assisted many small businesses get back on track after lockdowns and challenging market conditions.

This next financial year is going to be very exciting for a number of reasons, and whatever comes our way, as usual we will be ready.

Thank you to all our partners, lenders and supporters. I am extremely grateful.